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Naresh Kapadia

510, Shree Apartments,
Nanpura, Surat - 395 001
Gujarat, India.



Naresh Kapadia
I am Naresh Kapadia, male 58, from Surat, the economic capital and a historical place in the state of Gujarat, in India.

Life is beautiful with its rich and varied colours and shades. Because of my type of work and inquisitive nature, I come across lots of interesting things-facts and figures and pictures-which I would like to share with my friends, students and family. In addition, many things in life interest me, and I have tried to put things together and in perspective on this website. Please explore it with affection and love. Let’s join our hands in making our life and planet better with greater understanding and more love.

I value your views and opinions, so please feel free to share them with me.

So, welcome aboard this pleasure boat and have fun!

Naresh Kapadia.

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